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PhD Students

Wissenschaftliches Personal

Bild von  Dominic Banda

Dominic Banda
PhD Project: Clinically approved T-type calcium channel blockers as inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) membrane fusion
email: dominic.bandatwincore.de

Bild von  Ayesha Dhillon-LaBrooy

Ayesha Dhillon-LaBrooy
PhD Project: Use of natural compounds for the alleviation of T helper (Th) 2- and Th17-driven inflammatory diseases
email: ayesha.dhillon-labrooytwincore.de

Bild von  Ingo Hantke

Ingo Hantke
PhD Project: Hsp100/Clp protease complexes as targets for antibiotics: A novel bacteriocidal mechanism

Bild von  Saskia Höfler

Saskia Höfler
PhD Project: Glucosinaolate turnover in Arabidopsis thaliana
email: hoeflergenetik.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Steffi Stephen Kruba

Steffi Stephen Kruba
PhD Project: Oligosaccaride-based antibacterial drug conjugates

Bild von  Peijun Li

Peijun Li
PhD Project: Probing the biosynthesis of the GABA-receptor inhibitor Xenovulene A by chemical synthesis
email: peijun.lioci.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Dmitrij Malcev

Dmitrij Malcev
PhD Project: Entwicklung und Synthese allosterischer Hemmstoffe des Apicomplexa Bewegungs- und Invasionsapparates
email: dmitrij.malcevoci.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Lucas Millbrodt

Lucas Millbrodt
PhD Project: Total Synthesis of Pentacaronic Acid
email: lucas.millbrodtoci.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Julia Modrejewski

Julia Modrejewski
PhD Project: Cellular screening assays for liposome-based drug delivery systems
email: modrejewskiiftc.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Eike-Jendrik Schniete

Eike-Jendrik Schniete
PhD Project: The TAT System as novel Target for Antibiotics
email: eike.schnieteifmb.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Michael Steinbiss

Michael Steinbiss
PhD Project: Synthesis of Sigillin derivatives and their biological activity
email: m.steinbisstu-braunschweig.de

Bild von  Francesco Trenti

Francesco Trenti
PhD Project: Investigating the Biosynthesis and Synthesis of the Communesins: Multipotent Natural Products from Fungi
email: francesco.trentioci.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Regina Weber

Regina Weber
PhD Project: Pradimicine derivates as new antiviral drug leads
email: regina.weberoci.uni-hannover.de

Bild von  Lucile Wendt

Lucile Wendt
PhD Project: Full exploitation of the secondary metabolome of the ubiquitous fungal saprotroph and endophyte, Hypoxylon fragiforme
email: lucile.wendthelmholtz-hzi.de